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18th MMESA Congress (Octubre 2018)

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secla noticias mmesa 18th congress


Dear friends, members of MMESA,
Our annual Congress is approaching, and the organising Committee is working hard.
We hope to see all of you (as much as you can) in Reims under the Presidency of Reza Kianmanesh.
Do not forget also that we will have in the same event the Jubilee of Club Med Coelio,
directed by our companion Georges Timsit.
Jose M. Schiappa
General Secretary of MMESA
June 2018
Please find enclosed, the final advertisement, the registration file and a pre-programme.
Chers amis, membres de MMESA,
Notre Congrès annuel approche, et la Commission organisatrice travaille lourdement. 
Nous exceptons bien vous voir tous (tant que vous le pourrez faire) en Reims, sous la Présidence de Reza Kianmanesh.
On vous prie de voir bien les fichiers inclus, l'annonce finale, le fichier d'inscription et le préprogramme. 
N'oubliez pas, aussi, que dans cet événement on aura le Jubilée du Club Med Coelio, 
dirigée par notre compagnon Georges Timsit.
José M. Schiappa
Sècretaire Général de MMESA

Juin 2018

secla noticias mmesa 18th congress

Jeudi 25 Octobre 2018

Grand AMPHI 
9h00-9h30: Inauguration
            -A Robinet: Reims Mayor
            -Pr N Pham : Dean of Reims Medical Faculty
            -Dr Timsit : History of MMESA
            -Pr Kianmanesh : "Bienvenue" worlds
9h30-11h00: Colo-rectal Mini-invasive Surgery Workshop
            -Surgical Anatomy of Rectum, nerves are important
            -Modern Imaging of Rectal cancer
            -Oncological aspects before rectal surgery
            -Lap Anterior rectal resection
            -Combined anterior and Transanal resection
            -Robotic surgery
            -Lap ileo-anal anastomosis
            -How i do it : Colo-anal anastomosis
            -Urological aspects of rectal surgery (urinary and sexual)
            -Pelviperineal reconstruction surgery
            -Ileostomy closure: GIC for CR surgery
Pause café Stands
11h30-12h30: Peritoneal Surface Malignancies Workshop
            -PIPAC: techniques, indications, results
            -Lap HIPEC
            -Prospective studies: prophylochip, gastrichip ?
            -What is new in the litteraure ?
12h30-14h00: Symposium 1 (Ethicon) & 2 (Medtronics)
14h00-15h30: Liver Surgery Workshop
            -Simplified Liver Anatomy For Surgeons
            -Diffusion Weighted MRI for detection of CRLM
            -What's new in the Oncological management of CRLM
            -What's new in the management of HCC, Hilar cholangiocarcinoma
            -Two-step surgery for CRLM
            -Ambulatory liver mini-invasive surgery: the future is near
            -When to propose Liver First Surgery for synchronous CRLM
            -Results of Two stage surgery compared to ALPPS for bilobar CRLM
            -Results of Lap liver resection world-wild
            -Lap liver resections films (from wedge to right hepatectomy)
            -Lap liver thermoablation (techniques, films, indication and results)
            -New aspects of "Mixed Reality Surgery" - IRCAD
pause café Stands
16h00-17h30: Biliary and Pancreatic Surgery Workshop
            -From embryo to anatomy of pancreas
            -Anomalous biliopancreatic junction and cancer risk
            -Cyst Bile duct surgery
            -Pancreas Adk the role of US before surgery
            -Borderline Pancreatic Adk
            -Lap Left pancreatic surgery
            -Whipple: open versus laparoscopy (benefit – risks, films)
            -Postoperative complication management of pancreatic surgery
            -Short versus prolonged drainage in pancreatic surgery ?
            -Acute cholecystitis: JAMA recommendations
17h30-18h00: New aspects of Pancreatic Islet Transplantation (conference)

Vendredi 26 Octobre 2018
9h00-10h30: Bariatric Surgery Journey
            -Anatomical Slides for Beginners
            -Results of bariatric surgery on diabetes type 2
            -Bariatric surgery and its impact on fatty liver disease
            -Sleeve, By-pass complications management
            -Reoperation after failure of Sleeve
            -Reoperation after failure of By-pass
            -New perspectives in Bariatric Surgery
            -What to avoid? Tips and trucks for beginners
            -Glue in bariatric surgery: a controlled randomized trial
            -Case presentations
Pause café stands
11h00-12h30: Endocrine and Neuroendocrine Surgery Workshop
            -Anatomical slides
            -Lap subrenalectomy (+ uro)
            -Robotic thyroidectomy (+ ORL)
-Local parathyroid resection
-Thermoablation for Thyroid nodules?
            -Total or partial thyroidectomy ?
            -Role of EUS in the management of pNETs
            -Small pancreatic NETs: Resection vs Surveillance?
-Lap left pancreas resection, enucleation for pNETs,
            -Small intestinal NETs: resection of the primary with lymphadenectomy
            -Medico-surgical discussion: PRRT, Analogues, Target treatments; TA(C)E
12h30-14h00: Symposium 3 (IPSEN) & 4 (SANOFI)
14h00-15h30: Gastro-esophageal Diseases Workshop
            -Tips and Trucks: esophageal, gastric surgery
            -Lap gastrostomy-jejunostomy
            -Robotic Esophageal surgery
            -Lap cardiomyotomia, Film
            -Lap simple and complex hiatal hernia surgery
            -Gastric GISTs: how should we manage them ?
            -Gastric cancer management – Ongoing recommendations and protocols
Pause café Stands
16h00-17h30 Parietal workshop
            -Parietal abdomen anatomy and nerves
            -Inguinal Anatomy for open and laparoscopic surgery
            -Risk factors for incisional hernia
            -How to close abdomen defects to avoid incisional hernia
            -Place of Bioabsorbable prothesis in abdominal surgery
            -Prothetic material for incisional hernia surgery
            -Biological prothesis : indication and results
            -Film : Inguinal Hernia laparoscopy IP, PP
            -Film : Laparoscopic incisional hernia reparation
            -Film : Large incisional hernia – PPN Goni-Moreno
            -Film : peristominal complex eventration reparation
            -How to manage complications of incisional hernia
            -When to use vac-aspirations ?
            -When to resect infected prothesis ?
            -Case presentations
            Realités augmentées, Fusions d'image,  Logiciles d'aide peropératoire
            3D/2D,  Robotic ?, What's future ?
Ajouter topo orateurs etrangers proposées

Laurent Bressler:
            -Prolapsus total du rectum robot
            -chirurgie rectum robot
            -place de la simulation dans l'apprentissage de la chirurgie robotic
            -plasties musculaire (graciloplastie)
Georges Mantion
            -Cholecystectomie subto ou partielle
            -Approache mini-invasive des PVB
Serge Rohr Cecile Brigand
            -jejunostomie coelioscopique
            -réhabilitation précoce chirurgie cardio-oesophagienne
            -difficultés de reconstruction après chirurgie du rectum
Olivier Graesslin
            -Endométriose (Pr Collinet LILLE)
            -CHIP ovaire stade 3
Stéphane Larré
            -Dissection nerfs en chirurgie rectale et prostatique
            -Prise en charge des sequelles urogénitales après chirurgtie pelvienne
            -Eventration brickers
            -Eventration après transplnatations rénales
            -Prélèvement coelio du rein pour DV
Duprez (vasculaire)
            -chirurgie mini-invise Aortique en vasculaire
            -chirurgie endovasculaire des carotides
Ruggerie (cardiovx)
            -changement valve mitrale coelio
André Chays – Jean Claude Merol – Dubernard – Marc Labrousse – Arnaud Bassin (neurochir) – Marc Makalief
            -chirurgie endoscopique de l'angle pontocérébelleux
            -traitement chirurgical de la maladie de Trousseau
            -endoscopie de l'OM
            -implants chochléraires
            -chirurgie mini-invasive  K ORL
            -implants chochleaire
Marie Laurence Poli-Merol
            -thoracoscopie néonatales (atresia oesophage, anomalies des coupoles)
Caroline Fiquet ?
            -plasties de reconstruction après chirurgie pelvienne et périnéale
Gonzag Delepine, Sandou
            -thoracic mini-invasive surgery

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